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Kellogg Nutri Grain-VR HMD-header

Kellogg’s Bringing VR to Breakfast

For anyone looking at trying out virtual reality (VR) at home the simplest and most cost effective  way to do that is using a Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). Cheap to buy ready made and easy to build if you want to make your own, has helped create a surge in VR availability to consumers. Because of its simplicity the HMD is now finding itself being used for marketing in a variety of industries.

VRFocus previously reported that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Blackview had combined the HMD design with its phone packaging for customers. Now reports Geekzone, American cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s has created a similar marketing stunt by combining the Cardboard design into it’s packaging for Nutri-Grain 500g box.

Kellogg Nutri Grain-VR HMD

The Nutri-Grain Bolt Headset will start appearing around mid-September, and once consumers have the VR HMD, they can then scan the box’s QR code to watch a range of 360 degree VR experiences. Also available is the Nutri-Grain Bolt app which both Android and iOS platforms. Three adventure experiences are unlockable through the limited edition cereal packs – a wingsuit flight, a mountain bike adventure and an extreme longboard ride.

There is one catch though, the promotion is only available in New Zealand. VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest news and updates regarding VR from around the world.

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