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Lost Cities Board Game Updates Development Blog for Gear VR Title

Virtual reality (VR) is giving lots of developers the opportunity to re-imagine classic entertainment like videogames and films in new and immersive ways. And so The Campfire Union is creating a VR version of the award-winning tabletop game Lost Cities by world-renowned board game designer Reiner Knizia, Lost Cities Virtual Reality Edition.

In a blog posting this week, The Campfire Union has been detailing the development of the card-based board game, and the testing of an early alpha version of the title which will be brought to the Oculus Connect 2 conference this week. In the recent post, the team discuss designing the desert sands table for the videogame, with them writing: “The major component to all of the Lost Cities environments is the playing area. We can make the most awesome environments to sit it, but if we don’t nail the game table then it will be all for naught.”

Lost Cities VR - Desert Table

The game consists of 60 cards, separated into 5 expeditions, or “suits” in classic card game terminology. Each expedition consists of 3 investment cards and the numbers 2-10 for a total of 12 cards in each. The point of the game is to finish the game with a higher score than your opponent. Each player is dealt 8 cards, and points are earned by playing cards on a player’s expedition.

The Campfire Union is developing Lost Cities Virtual Reality Edition for the Samsung Gear VR and VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates to the title as they’re announced.

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