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New To VR: Recognise The Genuine Passengers In Alien TSA

A new week begins on VRFocus with another trip to the Oculus VR Share platform for our daily New To VR segment. For today’s selection we’re looking at a virtual reality (VR) videogame in the form of Alien TSA.

Alien TSA

This curious game sees you take on the role of Agent XT916 a member of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) whose job has become somewhat more complicated by newly passed legislation making it legal to fly on any aeroplane – if you can run past the agents and they don’t stop you. Your newly complicated job is now to stop those taking advantage of the ruling by trying to gain access to the aeroplane whilst not impeding paying passengers. Your scanner will tell you who to look out for as genuine and who is not, however there is plenty to distract you, including the behaviour of the passengers themselves.

You can see a demonstration in the video below.

Formely for Android, creator Walter Sharrow’s updated game now works with the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) and is available now to download.

VRFocus will be back tomorrow morning with another item that is New To VR, be sure to check back throughout the day however for all the latest news coming from the VR and AR communities.

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