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New To VR: Traverse Space Or Get Lost In The Void In 7 Nanocycles

We’re back on the Oculus VR Share digital content platform for today’s new virtual reality (VR) item and an app that at the time of writing is currently one of the VR experiences featured on the store front page.

7 Nanocycles

7 Nanocycles is a futuristic flying game from developer Nifflas’ Games which is made for the Oculus Rift DK 2 head-mounted display in which you must travel through a space sparsely populated by glowing shapes that allow you to change the direction of your craft. You must use these pockets of manoeuvrability to guide the ship from one side of the level to another, keeping your momentum going and your direction aligned to prevent yourself sailing off into nothingness or alternatively falling into oblivion.

You can watch a gameplay trailer of the title in action below:

The full game is available to download here via its Oculus VR Share store page. VRFocus will continue to bring you news and updates on the new items available and coming to VR and AR.

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