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Pixel Ripped, MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem Headed to EGX

All eyes are on Oculus VR next week as it hosts its second Oculus Connect event in Hollywood, California. The virtual reality (VR) specialist is expected to steal headlines with major announcements and more about the Oculus Rift. But Oculus Connect isn’t the only event that VR fans should be keeping an eye on next week. Consumer trade show EGX will also be taking place in Birmingham, UK, with every major head-mounted display (HMD) including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR on display. Recently, the UK’s National Film and Television School has confirmed 2 other titles that will be at the event.

The first is one that will be no stranger to VR fans – Pixel Ripped. This anticipated title, which was recently taken under the wing of the Boost VC start up accelerator, is a planned series of videogames set in different eras of the videogame industry. Players will follow Nicola, a videogame fanatic that has spent her life playing the fictional series of Pixel Ripped videogames. The first entry, Pixel Ripped 1989, will see players using a Game Boy-esque device to complete levels.

The second title is MegaMech Ultimate Mayhem from indie developer Xian Chua. This is described as a multiplayer Beat ‘Em Up for the Oculus Rift that also uses Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing camera. A video of the experience in action can currently be seen below.

VRFocus will be at EGX to report back with the latest on all VR compatible titles at the show.

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