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Ethereal Legends screenshot

Square Enix Partner with Soverance Studios for VR RPG

Soverance Studios has today announced a partnership with Square Enix to promote the forthcoming Ethereal Legends as part of the Square Enix Collective, a collaborative programme to aid independent developers gain funding for their titles. Ethereal Legends is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) built on Unreal Engine 4 by a team of just 2 developers.

In Ethereal Legends players take on the role of Absolut, an aging wizard who must solve puzzles, defeat monsters and explore dungeons in his quest to find meaning in his life before it ends. In the Pre-Alpha Demo, now available from ethereallegends.com, Absolut must explore the Shiitake Temple and find out what lies atop the temple’s watchtower. He does not have to do this alone as he is accompanied by his daughters, Sonya, a Paladin Knight, and Morrigan, a Sorceress.

Ethereal Legends screenshot

Soverance Studios opted to join the Square Enix Collective programme in search of funding, believing that the audience on the platform would be close to the target demographic of Ethereal Legends. The campaign launched today, 14th September 2015, and will last for 28 days.

Ethereal Legends is currently in development for Windows PC, with Oculus Rift support, and both Mac and Linux versions planned. A 2016 release has been touted for Ethereal Legends and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.

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