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Surgeon Simulator Getting Oculus Touch Support

Those that have followed VRFocus over the past year and a half will likely be well aware of UK-developer Bossa Studios’ work in virtual reality (VR). The team’s ever popular Surgeon Simulator has long been a supporter of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), and is set to receive support for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 in the future. Bossa Studios was even one of the handful of teams lucky enough to work with Valve in creating early demos for the HTC Vive HMD in time for its reveal back in March 2015. Now, the company has also revealed support for the Oculus Touch controllers for Surgeon Simulator.


The news was announced at this week’s Oculus Connect 2 developer conference in Hollywood, California, where Surgeon Simulator is also available to play on the Oculus Touch. Traditionally, the title sees players carry out life-threatening surgeries while struggling with an awkward control scheme. This often results in both disastrous and hilarious consequences as players break bones, lose organs and spill blood in floods as they fight against the clock. Expect the title to work much in the same way that the HTC Vive version does, using the position-tracked controllers.

Oculus VR is showing a number of new experiences for the Oculus Touch controllers at Oculus Connect 2 this week. The system consists of 2 devices, one for each hand, that both feature a number of buttons, triggers and an analogue stick each. The device is even capable of gesture recognition. The company intends to launch the kit later on than the Oculus Rift’s own Q1 2016 release window, though still arriving sometime in the first half of next year. A price for Oculus Touch is yet to be announced.

VRFocus will continue to follow Surgeon Simulator closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the title’s progress.

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