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The Hum: Abductions Tipped for PlayStation 4 Exclusivity

Totwise Studios (formerly Thotwise Games) have been working on The Hum for some time, attempting to create a unique take on alien encounters in virtual reality (VR). The developer has already confirmed their intention to deliver multiple experiences in The Hum universe across multiple formats, but now it seems that the studios’ interest in the console market has ramped-up, with a potential timed-exclusive launch on PlayStation 4 being discussed.

“There are some details I cannot share, but there are some possibilities [we could] go first on PlayStation 4 only,” stated Ariel Arias, CEO and Founder, Totwise Studios, in an interview with VRFocus. “We still need to decide that; we need to talk with Sony; we need to talk with different companies.”


Arias is referring to The Hum: Abductions, a primer for the full The Hum experience which has already been confirmed as in development for the PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus VR head-mounted display (HMD). Continuing the line of questioning, VRFocus learns that much of this relies heavily on the launch dates of each VR HMD.

“If we go for the end of this year [for launch] we will first support [other] headsets and make a port, but we are making the best effort to go straight to the headsets,” stated Arias.

At present, none of the major HMD manufacturers have announced a specific release date for their VR hardware. VRFocus will keep you updated as this potential exclusivity brings more details on The Hum: Abductions and will also bring you the full interview with Alexis later today.

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