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Accessible By Design Competition Features UCanCook – The AR Cook Book

Augmented reality (AR) technology is such a flexible medium for creating informative eye catching projects that global companies to university students are exploring its many uses. Companies like Blippar have created marketing campaigns for the Rugby World Cup, John Lewis has been trialling AR in its flagship London store, and now a team of students from Doncaster College are using the technology to create a cook book aimed at people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities who may find it difficult to follow and process instructions.

The UCanCook – The Augmented Reality Cook Book, aims to create a step by step guide to help teach people with learning difficulties, skills to cook basic meals. The idea is based around other cookbooks having lots of words and some pictures to inform and assumes that the reader has an understanding of some of the terms used. The AR cook book starts at the most basic level and allows learners to work at their own pace, repeating steps as necessary.

While the team has entered UCanCook – The Augmented Reality Cook Book into the Accessible by Design competition, they’ve also made plans on extending the concept. The team see the idea extending to many other step by step guides that could be used by schools, colleges, specialist learning providers and into higher education. The students plan to create a library of resources available for providers and for people aiming at independence or supported living. They’re already in the process of producing a step by step guide for a Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapy department at a Further Eductaion (FE) college.

The Accessible by Design competition is run by Jisc, and the winning teams will be offered support and a £5000 GBP grant to help develop their ideas.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news regarding AR technology, reporting back any announcements.

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