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Loading Human Dev: ‘the word ‘game’ might be reductive’ to VR

The arrival of virtual reality (VR) technology is set to bring about entirely new forms of digital interaction. Videogames will be able to be experienced like never before, meaning developers are working in entirely new fields. One team doing this is Untold Games, the studio behind upcoming story-based VR adventure, Loading Human. In fact, studio CEO Flavio Parenti thinks that even using the term ‘game’ to describe some VR experiences ‘might be reductive’.


Parenti said as much in a recent interview with PlayStation LifeStyle. “We are developing Loading Human only for VR, and there is a reason to it,” he explained. “Like I said earlier, VR is a paradigm shift, and like every new Language, it requires a new grammar, new ways of designing games, new perspectives. I mean, even the word “game” might be reductive in a VR environment. So yes, if you want to make good VR, you have to think for VR.”

VRFocus recently spoke to Parenti itself, where he also talked about the problems with simply defining a VR experience as one genre or another. The title is on its way to the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4, using the PlayStation Move motion controllers. The episodic series is also coming to the Oculus Rift and may also arrive on the HTC Vive in the future.

VRFocus will continue to follow Loading Human closely, reporting back with the latest updates.

  1. I Agree 100%. In workshops everyone talks this. You have new rules like: menus need to be 2m to 3m of distance between player and itself. So we see news discover relations and rules about vr world. And as he says you can just bring one normal game world to VR world,you need to create the world focused on vr. But I sense some games can be “converted” to VR world like vanishing of Ethan Carter,bioshock (maybe). So some can’t simple convert because you have structs that need to change and changing it afect the concept of this world and the image it being to players,imagine you play ac on vr and you need to put in every build one elevator because see you crawling isn’t a good experience and can make us exhausted of seen doors and windows of this house. So it will be like spiderman from ps1 better use only the roof of builds and forget the floor. It drastically change the world to fit in vr experience

  2. Sorry my mobile change the words : you can’t just bring a normal game to VR world.

    ..and the image it pass to player (it was being)

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