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Specular Theory Creates VR Surfing Experience

Specular Theory the virtual reality (VR) content creation company behind the fourth episode of Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles, and The Donnies The Amys recent 360 degree music video, has now created a virtual reality (VR) surfing experience. Creative agency Xister commissioned Specular Theory to craft a live-action VR surf experience in conjunction with Jeep’s partnership with the World Surf League.

Using proprietary camera technology to capture a first-person point of view of surfers, Specular Theory shot on location in Malibu, California and Mexico. The VR surfing experience allows anyone to catch a swell and feel what its like to be fully immersed by the surrounding ocean. Using the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), the experience is currently being showcased at the World Surf League’s 2015 Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour across Europe.

“We wanted this experience to allow fans to really feel like they are surfing in Malibu, CA,” said Specular Theory CMO Ryan Pulliam in a statement. “VR gives people a chance to experience something they may not otherwise get to experience and that’s a very powerful thing. This virtual reality experience allows you to see and feel what it’s really like to paddle out, catch a wave, hang ten and even get barreled. The Jeep® Brand is fully immersing World Surf League event attendees into the surf action and literally giving fans the ride of their lives.”

Specular Theory haven’t said when the 360 degree video will be publicly released, but a behind the scenes video can be seen below. VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest VR news, reporting back on any further announcements.

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