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Star Wars Fan Creates Holochess Using AR

Ian Martin, a Star Wars fan who creates creatures and props from the famous sci-fi universe, has recently revealed the culmination of nine months work. He has made all the monsters from Dejarik, a fictional game (dubbed Holochess) that features in A New Hope. Alongside creating the figures Martin has begun turning them into holograms using augmented reality (AR) technology.

The set of 8 holochess monsters, which Martin sculpts, casts, paints and assembles from 42 molds and 75 pieces takes him nine months. ¬†His hobby has spawned Dejarik Creations, which he runs from his garage. “I’ve already made over 50 of these little buggars. By the time I am done with this year’s run I will have made over 130 figures (700+ Castings, 950+ Pieces). Thanks for continuing to follow, there will be some cool updates in the coming months,” he says on Dejarik Creations Facebook page.

And his skills don’t just involve creating models, taking the next step and 3D scanning his creations before using an AR application to turn them into holograms, (as shown below). If Martin does release the models alongside the AR app, he’s undoubtedly going to have a lot of fans interested in getting hold off one.

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