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Amazon Launch UK Gear VR Pre-Orders

Earlier this month Oculus VR and Samsung released the first consumer version of the Gear VR mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) in the US. Since that time fans from around the world have been eagerly anticipating news on when the device will reach their respective country. A handful of European territories and a few others have already started their pre-order campaigns with one glaring omission; the UK. Today, however, online retailing giant Amazon has finally listed the device.

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Amazon UK has listed what it calls the ‘Samsung Gear VR2’ on its site and it is indeed sold and dispatched by the company. That said, it’s important to note that much of the page uses placeholder information, such as the description for the Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6, which released earlier on in the year. As such, take the £95.99 GBP pricing with a pinch of salt, as Samsung UK itself has said that the device will be going on sale for £79.99 in the region. Sadly, it also doesn’t list a release date for the kit, instead stating that it will dispatch ‘within 1 to 3 months’. An official listing on Samsung’s own site or any other retail partners is yet to be revealed.

The consumer version of the Gear VR works with Samsung’s range of 2015 smartphones including the flagship Galaxy S6, the curved Galaxy S6 edge, the enlarged Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge plus. It remains to be seen if the device will also work with the phones the company is planning to release over the course of 2016. In the US the device retails for just $99 USD and has seen a wide range of content arrive for it over the past few weeks. This includes the likes of Land’s End from Ustwo Games and Gunjack from EVE Online developer CCP Games.

VRFocus will continue to follow the Gear VR closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.

  1. I think the Amazon listing is a fake/erroneous one, for the following reasons:
    – no pre-order on the official Samsung website, which differs from how it was rolled out in the US, Korea and in Germany
    – title is not correct (Samsung has never used “VR2” to market the new GearVR)
    – description is wrong and refers to the Innovator Edition
    – Price is also different from what Samsung UK previously indicated.

    I would be careful and not order it on the Amazon website. You’re better off ordering it off Samsung Germany’s website and using a parcel forwarding service, which will in total be cheaper than £99.

  2. And I forgot to mention that this listing has been created on 9 November 2015, so way too early.

  3. Pretty sure that listing has been there for ages, and it’s for the earlier S6 – compatible model. I’ve been checking Amazon twice a day for the last month.

  4. I can confirm that listing is the preorder for the retail Gear VR. I checked with amazon. However they are not expecting stock until next year.

    I ordered direct from Samsung in germany to a forwarder address. I got confirmation from UPS that it’s on its way to UK.

    Delivery on Friday 4th December.

    Total cost was £88 including all shipping.

  5. I had one of these on preorder with Amazon. They just sent me a notification that it was dispatched and arriving tomorrow (woohoo!)

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