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HTC Vive

Bill Gates Tries the HTC Vive

Microsoft may not be working directly with virtual reality (VR) technology at the moment but its interest in it is certainly obvious. The company has a partnership with Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) creator Oculus VR that will allow Xbox One owners to stream into the device and play in a virtual theatre, for example, and work with Valve and its SteamVR system has also been announced. Today sees company co-founder and former-CEO Bill Gates try out the first SteamVR HMD, the anticipated HTC Vive.

Gates recently posted an image of him playing a virtual tennis match using the Vive and its SteamVR position-tracked controller, as seen below. According to the message accompanying the image, Gates was playing against a virtual version of Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova.

“Got to sample VR breakthroughs, including the chance to return @MariaSharapova’s serve,” Gates wrote. “Very cool.”

The HTC Vive itself is set to launch in a limited fashion in the remainder of 2015 though it’s not yet clear just how many units will be launching then. A full rollout is expected in Q1 2016. A price for the device is yet to be announced.

VRFocus will continue to follow the HTC Vive closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.


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