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Codemodeon Showcase VR Rollercoaster Experience

Rollercoaster virtual reality (VR) experiences are nothing new, with the idea have numerous iterations over the years. VRFocus even reported on a German themepark trialling VR on its rollercoaster’s using the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD). Now Turkish developer Codemodeon has showcased its take on the rollercoaster VR experience with a collaboration with Cevahir Shopping Mall in Istanbul, Turkey.

Building the VR project entirely from scratch the developer created an experience where shoppers could sit in a rollercoaster cart, don an Oculus Rift DK2 HMD and headphones, then experience the ride which is built within the same shopping centre. Codemodeon 3D modelled the whole shopping mall by using architectural drawings, then designed an exciting rollercoaster ride to utilise the space. To increase the thrill of the ride the studio added some extra details along the path, including crashing through glass and flying drones carrying the logo of Cevahir. Behind large roller coaster decoration is a 3×3 meter video wall to attract shoppers and let them watch the experience.

Codemodeon is an Istanbul based creative technology company specialising in videogame development, VR, installation-based experiences and human computer interaction. Previous VR projects include a parachuting experience where users jumped from a plane and needed to land on an island.

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