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Digital VR reveal New Architectural VR Platform

VRFocus has reported on a number for different building projects that have utilised virtual reality (VR) as a marketing medium, giving the ability to show customers what to expect of the finished build in an immersive environment. Now Newcastle, UK-based firm Digital VR has developed a new VR architectural platform for what the company expects will become standard architectural practice in years to come.

The new product will enable architects to offer their clients fully interactive, virtual visualisations of proposed construction projects. Currently, architectural practices commonly produce 3D models or images, and ‘fly through’ videos of proposed projects. Digital VR says its use of VR gaming software will be akin to designers giving clients a key to the front door, weeks months or even years before the project is realised.

Digital VR event

Ben Bennett, director at Ouseburn-based DigitalVR, said in a statement “Clients can don a virtual reality headset and immediately feel like they’re in their new building. They can change the colour of a wall, add a new lighting scheme, view it by day or night and even move furniture around. They’ll see the desired effect instantly.”

“With a swipe of their hand they can ‘screenshot’ the new views. These screenshot images will be available to print and view immediately. We think this practice will become commonplace in years to come, so we’re really proud to be in position to bring this to market now,” he adds.

Digital VR will be showcasing the new platform at a special preview event on Wednesday 4th November at its headquarters at the Toffee Factory in Ouseburn. While the event will be aimed towards those in the construction, architectural and design sectors, anybody can sign up if they wish at the eventbright page for free.

VRFocus will continue to report on the latest VR news, reporting back any new announcements.

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