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Kite & Lightning Announces its First VR Videogame – Bebylon Battle Royale

Kite & Lightning is a name that will be familiar to many virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts. Over the past few years this two-man team consisting of both Cory Strassburger and Ikrima Elhassan has created a range of impressive VR experiences that have become popular within the community, including the likes of Senza Peso and Neuro. But, ultimately, these have just been short titles with a limited amount of interactivity, and many are wondering when they might see the team’s first full VR videogame. That question has been answered today as Kite & Lightning has announced Bebylon Battle Royale.


Described by the developer as a VR comedy that takes the form of a ‘Vehicular Melee Party Brawler’, Bebylon Battle Royale is a mix of both 3rd and 1st person gameplay in which players take part in multiplayer battles. Here they control ‘beby’s’ and are encouraged to taunt and humiliate enemies as they bring them down using customisable weapons. The title’s comedic element is carried through in its backstory, which explains that these beby’s are in fact children that have taken an immortality pill that has granted them eternal life but stops them from growing any further.

“Drained by the endless humiliation and degradation, the great beby families across the globe broke from society to create Bebylon…” the developer explains. “A new city where bebies reign and being two feet tall was the standard! For a short time, the freedom from indignity, inspired love and compassion throughout Bebylon. The scars of humiliation ran deep however, and overcompensation became the real roots of this new baby culture: Status, entourages, cars, furs, gold, houses, you name it. The battle to be the richest, most badass beby in Bebylon grew into a national obsession.”

Bebylon Battle Royale is on its way to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive PC-based head-mounted displays (HMDs) as well as PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4, and should be arriving in summer 2016. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with the latest updates on it.

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