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New To VR: Here Be Dragons, And They’re Coming For You In Dragon Rider

We’re back on Steam today – and indeed for the rest of this week as we continue our look at new videogames and other experiences that offer support for virtual reality (VR) in some fashion. And, whilst we do occasionally offer the more serious and thought provoking experience today we’re most definitely in the realm of fantasy and magic.

Dragon Rider

Currently an Early Access title on Steam, Dragon Rider is an online multiplayer air combat videogame in which you take part in aerial battles on the backs of fire breathing dragons. How To Train Your Dragon this is not, as you can take part in dogfights to the death in the skies above medieval castles with up to 3 other players.

Developed by S.F. Bay Studios, Inc. The game also features a single player mode (one currently looking to be expanded according to the updates), customisation and an experience system.

In terms of which head-mounted displays are compatible with the experience, it notes that it has ‘full VR support’ in the trailer there are, unfortunately, no specifics down on either the Steam page or website regarding the systems involved other than it is fully supportive for Oculus VR which would indicate Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 is likely offered. Crescent Bay is less likely and owners will need to confirm themselves.

Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider is currently on sale for £6.99 (GBP), you can watch the Early Access trailer for the title below.

We’ve venturing from fantasy to horror tomorrow on New To VR be sure to join us on VRFocus then and be sure to stay with us throughout today for all the latest VR and AR news.

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