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Wayward Sky

New Wayward Sky Video Showcases First-Person PlayStation Move Gameplay

Uber Entertainment is clearly enthusiastic about virtual reality (VR) technology. Earlier in the year the company revealed a brand new VR experience based on its popular real-time strategy series, Planetary Annihilation, on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The developer is also working on its very first full VR experience in Wayward Sky for the PlayStation VR HMD on PlayStation 4, which was confirmed for the device back at E3 2015. This week new gameplay has arrived for that upcoming experience, which can now be seen below.

A minute and a half of new footage of the title is on offer here, showcasing some of its first-person gameplay in which the player uses the PlayStation Move motion controllers to stack blocks, throw a toy plane and more. Here players are cast as Bess, a co-pilot that’s left stranded in a mysterious fortress following a plane crash. Wayward Sky isn’t just a first-person experience, however, as it also offers third-person gameplay in which players can use the motion controllers as a means of highlighting objects and more as they look for ways to progress through environments.

Wayward Sky hasn’t yet had a release date attached to it, although the PlayStation VR itself isn’t due to launch until the first half of 2016. The title has first been planned to arrive on Samsung and Oculus VR’s Gear VR mobile-based HMD, making it something of a surprise when it appeared during Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) E3 press conference back in June.

VRFocus will continue to follow Wayward Sky closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.

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