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Ocean Rift Developer Sends Full Gear VR Version to Oculus VR

Picselica the developer behind virtual reality (VR) underwater experience Ocean Rift for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR head-mounted displays (HMDs), has sent the full Gear VR version to Oculus VR. This would mean that once Oculus VR checks the title, it will soon be available for Gear VR owners to download.

Picselica made the announcement via Twitter today and depending on Oculus VR, the title could be available in time for the Gear VR’s consumer launch. The launch was revealed earlier today to be Friday 20th November, after Best Buy launched pre-orders for the device. The developer hasn’t made any further release announcements in regards to the Oculus Rift version, other than: “The Gear VR version will now be ported to Unity 5 ready for the Oculus Rift – I hope to release a demo”. The PC version should reportedly feature many more sea creatures and a better visual fidelity.

Manatees Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift is an underwater safari experience in which players can meet various aquatic creatures up close. Though players are given free reign to explore, a menu will let them warp to certain areas to see dolphins, turtles, sea snakes, rays, sharks, whales and even some extinct prehistoric species. Locations ranges from the likes of shipwrecks and reefs to even the fabled lost city of Atlantis.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest updates from Picselica, reporting back any further announcements.

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