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Oculus Rift

Oculus Connect 2 Sessions: ‘The Early Days of VR Game Design: Lessons Learned’

Our trip back to Oculus Connect 2 continues as we hit the first panel of the event discussing the path so far travelled by virtual reality (VR) development in videogames. What have developers learned? What do they wish they knew then what they do now?

Head of Oculus Studios Jason Rubin is the moderator keeping discussion flowing whilst the members of the panel include Sanzaru Games co-founder Glen Egan, Stephane Intissar, CEO of OZWE Games, High Voltage Software’s Chief Creative officer Eric Nofsinger and from Oculus itself Software Engineer Ryan Rutherford.

‘Virtual reality will transform game design forever. Developers will face entirely new challenges when designing for gameplay, locomotion, and input. You have to develop for an immersive world instead of a screen. You have to make the experience comfortable. And you have to take risks. This panel discussion will cover successes and failures from the early days of VR, and help developers bring this new era to life.’

VRFocus will continue to bring you virtual reality (VR) related news, features and videos throughout the week. If you’re interested in seeing 2014’s original Oculus Connect you can watch all the videos on the VRFocus YouTube channel.

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