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OTOY Combines Gear VR with Lighthouse Tracking

Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company OTOY which aims to deliver real-time, cinema-quality 3D graphics to filmmakers, 3D designers, animators and game developers, has revealed on its Twitter account a new work in progress project. The project combines the Samsung Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD) with the HTC Vive’s Room Scale motion tracking system Lighthouse.

In the series of tweets OTOY said: “Got GearVR tracking w/Lighthouse working, looks promising! Light fields+Pos tracking (w/input) on untethered/highest res mobile VR HMD.”

“It’s early WIP! But, Friday…bent my knees, experienced pos tracking w/ vertical parallax 4 first time on GearVR – goosebumps.”

Consumer Gear VR 1

When asked by a twitter user if communications between the Gear VR and LIghthouse was difficult, OTOY responded: “Comm not hard (just broadcasting UDP). Blending together still a WIP. But latency is good. That was not a sure thing before.”

The information was met with numerous positive responses, those keen to know how far along the team were with the project. The company revealed: “probably 50%. What we have now is very cool – a useful dev tool to help us plan for future consumer mobile VR with real PT!”

The Gear VR currently only detects head movement to allow users to look around a virtual world, body movements such as standing up and crouching down aren’t replicated. Which is why OTOY’s development of this project will be keenly watched by VR enthusiasts.

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