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Sony: PSVR’s ‘biggest advantage’ is Rivals Requiring ‘complicated settings’

The virtual reality (VR) industry is currently in shying away from the idea of competition, given that each of the major players wants the technology to succeed in the long-term. But it isn’t too long now until the majority of head-mounted displays (HMDs) will be available and fighting for consumer’s money. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is one company entering this race with its PlayStation VR HMD for PlayStation 4. According to the group, one of its kit’s ‘biggest advantages’ is that its PC-based competitors require ‘complicated settings’ to run.

PlayStation VR headset

SCE Japan Asia (SCEJA) Deputy President Hiroyuki Oda said as much in a group interview attended by Rappler this week at Singapore’s GameStart Asia 2015 event. “There are many people who play casual games like smartphone games and I believe there are hurdles when they think of Playstation gaming. They think it is too complicated, too difficult,” Oda said. “But for the PSVR, as you’ve played it, it is easy for those without gaming experience to play with the PSVR.

“Customers can easily plug the PSVR to the PS4 and they immediately can start PSVR gaming, while I suppose our competitors may have some complicated settings required,” he added.

“And also our customers do not need a high performance CPU. Just plug in the PSVR, plug in the PS4, that’s it. That’s our biggest advantage,” he elaborated.

Indeed Oculus Rift creator Oculus VR is running an ‘Oculus Ready PC Programme‘ for PCs that are capable of running the device, but prices are set to start at around $950 USD, far more than that of the $349.99 PlayStation 4. Just how much of an advantage this gives SCE in the long run remains to be seen. PlayStation VR is currently tipped to launch in H1 2016, meaning it could arrive after the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive HMDs in Q1 2016.

VRFocus will continue to follow PlayStation VR closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.

  1. Its like the start of consoles.When you dont need one big pc to play. Yes much people dont have time to setup pc games,they want an simple press button.Im one,i prefer simple X button on game and it run easily

    1. but lot of non vr games can be play in vr using Vorpx software so thats good thing about pc gaming. over 200 vr games are on pc right now

      1. You mean a lot of PC games can be POORLY played in VR with VorpX.
        There are are only a few titles that work really well and most required additional complex editing of files and configuring. On top of that these games were never designed to played in VR so you have the usual set of problems like speed, sickness, seeing trough walls etc….

  2. I can’t see myself buying a PS4 and a PSVR when I’m not interested in any of their non-VR game lineups (I was anxious for Silent Hills in VR but whatever). I still need to upgrade my video card and buy a Rift… damn, lol.

    And then there’s the Holoens, lol.

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