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Pluto VR

Oculus Connect 2 Sessions: ‘Pluto VR: Stories of Virtual Shared Presence’

For our final look back at Oculus Connect 2 this week we look towards a future where virtual reality (VR) is a part of how we connect with others. Not something we experience on our own but something that can be shared. Pluto VR’s Co-Founder Forest Gibson reveals what they’ve learnt about this future so far in ‘Stories and Learnings from the Forefront of Virtual Shared Presence’.

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‘We are at the beginning of a new era of communication. Instead of speaking through a phone or screen, we will soon be able to remotely communicate, collaborate and connect as if we were in person. The team at Pluto VR has been hard at work building towards this future and will share their learnings around self-representation, voice, body language, trust and personal space to create better shared presence in VR applications.’

VRFocus will continue to bring you virtual reality (VR) related news, features and videos throughout the week. If you’re interested in seeing 2014’s original Oculus Connect you can watch all the videos on the VRFocus YouTube channel.

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