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PlayStation VR headset

Sony: PlayStation VR Doesn’t Have To Do ‘a million units during launch’

Virtual reality (VR) technology is undeniably impressive, but there are still a lot of questions as to how well the tech will sell and how well the creators of specific head-mounted displays (HMDs) expect them to sell. From marketing to price points, there are numerous barriers to entry for every device on the horizon. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) knows this all too well, which is why it doesn’t seem to be hoping for an overnight success story with its PlayStation VR device for the PlayStation 4.


Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia Michael Ephraim recently said as much in an interview with IGN. “Honestly, it’s going to be a challenge,” he said of selling VR to consumers. “We have retail partners, we have media, and shows, and events. There’s always been Westfield events. But word of mouth is a strong tool, too. You demo to 1000, and they’re going to tell 100,000 people that they had this amazing experience, and those people are going to want to have that experience too. But we don’t have the exact answer.”

He continued, adding that the company didn’t need to sell ‘a million units’ in VR. “We’re working on plans, obviously, but I think – look. Already before launch there’s so much hype, but it’s going to be here for a while. We don’t have to sell a million units during launch period. It will be a build. As Shuhei [Yoshida] said, there are a lot of publishers and devs developing for it. And there will be titles coming to VR that people will know, like GT Sport, for example, which will have a VR component. But as for en masse? It’s something we’ve got to work on,” Ephraim said.

PlayStation VR is set to launch in the first half of 2016, though a specific date and price are yet to be announced. VRFocus will continue to follow the kit closely, reporting back with the latest updates on it.

  1. Sony need to make at least 1000 because much people will buy.Sony need to make like did inps4

  2. Not sure what the comment above is talking about lol but The point of this article is that Sony is launching first half 2016 rather than holidays for number of reasons and they will have 100s of thousands available I’m sure at launch.

    Number 1 being its compeletly brand new tech and product and it needs to build up momentum rather than drop on the holidays and expect monster sales.

    Number 2 Being new Tech that VR is TV ads and expos can only do so much, it doesn’t demonstrate the real experience which is a really powerful effect when VR is tried. Early adopters this spring like myself will show friends that probably don’t even know VR yet and their minds will be blown, and it will go viral.

    Number 3 This will be enormously successful mark my words. Holiday 2016 people will be going nuts and fighting over the last VR kit. This is a brilliant strategy by Sony, the best way to get people to try VR is by getting them into people’s hands like me who have been waiting for this tech since the 90s.

    Number 4 The PS4 itself will sell many more consoles next year than it did this year and maybe sell more than it did its launch year.

  3. Just don’t make it too expensive. That would kill it before it gets off the ground. It cannot come in priced higher than the ps4…if it does, people will be wondering why you need to plug it into a ps4 to use it at all. If it’s going to cost more than 350, it should be a standalone device.

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