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Tilt-Based Chair VRGO Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Locomotion still remains one of the biggest issues with the virtual reality (VR) industry. While more official solutions such as the HTC Vive’s Room Scale user-tracking have been revealed over the past year, a perfect input mechanism is still yet to be revealed. Creative technologist and designer Joe Ryan thinks that he may have solved the issue, however, with his new device named VRGO. This new chair, which allows players to move within VR by tilting their body, has today launched a new Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.


VRGO is hoping to raise some £20,000 GBP to bring this unique product to market. The device is designed as a space-saving peripheral that’s completely wireless. It’s designed so that small movements in terms of twisting your body to a new direction can represent greater movements within the given VR experience, which shold reduce tangling wires with head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as the Oculus Rift. The creator also claims that this form of movement helps to reduce sim sickness within titles.

Those interested in VRGO can currently pledge £150 as a super early bird tier to get the chair. A standard early bird tier will then be available for £175, with 50 slots assigned to each tier. Once all of these are gone, fans can pledge £200 to get their hands on the kit, with the predicted RRP currently set at £250. Other rewards for the campaign include a custom VRGO Google Cardboard HMD and even some miniaturised versions of the VRGO to be used as toys.

VRFocus will continue to follow VRGO, reporting back on updates with both the campaign and product’s progress.

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