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VOKE Secure Business Partnerships With NFL and NBA Teams For VR Fan Engagement

Over the last few months the push to use virtual reality (VR) in the world of sport has been unrelenting. For a time it seems that there wasn’t a day going past without an announcement relating to VR in American Football; be it as an aid to training for college teams, expansive experiments by big name NFL franchises, creative studios looking to bring the atmosphere of the game to life or of even broadcasters taking the first bold steps into broadcasting games in VR.

VOKE can capture and stream a live feed in VR both in 180 and 360 degrees, boasting it is a ‘true stereoscopic platform’ able to do this as well as show a 2D immersive feed for phone and tablet devices. The VR stream being ‘consumable on every VR platform.’

The latest comes from Silcon Valley-based company VOKE who have just announced a new partnership with teams from both the NFL and NBA. VRFocus reported back in July that the Sacrimento Kings were looking to use VR to help sell tickets to events, and this involvement in VR has continued with a VOKE backed stream to India of the Kings’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clipers have since invested in the company and additional uses of the technology to benefit both the fans and the team are apparently being explored.A similar ‘strategic partnership’ has recently been set up with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.


VOKE’s co­founder and CEO Dr. S. (Jay) Jayaram commented on the new deal:

“The wealth of research­based knowledge we’ve accumulated in true stereoscopic media and interactive VR has allowed us to develop a versatile and adaptable platform that provides a turnkey, consumer­controlled, virtual reality experience. Our experience has taught us that fan engagement needs to be more than VR for the sake of VR. We truly believe our technology is setting the bar when it comes to making immersive presence in live events an engaging fan experience, accessible to everyone. Virtual reality technologies are developing at a rapid pace and are becoming very affordable and relevant; live event virtual reality will appeal to fans of all demographic backgrounds and change the way we consume sports and entertainment content. VOKE is establishing a leadership position for this new era of fan engagement.”

VRFocus  will continue to bring you developments in the field of VR broadcasting and news on how sports and entertainment are investing in both VR and AR as we get it.

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