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VR Film Blackout Launches on Kickstarter

Filmmakers are starting to explore the possibilities of virtual reality (VR) as a viable medium with greater resolve, as the technology continues its speedy advancement to consumer release. Specular a Brooklyn, New York based creative studio has launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to create a VR film that transports viewers into the memories of strangers on the New York City Subway.

Blackout is an interactive film featuring a subway car filled with a diverse group of real-life New Yorkers during a fictional power outage. Gifted with telepathy, viewers discover the inner worlds of your fellow passengers, as Black mixes videogame dynamics with live action documentary to create an immersive VR storyline.

Specular Blackout

Specular began with in-depth interviews with a group of 27 people for the virtual train. Their stories and observations interweave to create a documentary portrait of a crowd of strangers, made up of an international cast of underground performers, artists, educators and scientists.

The campaign is looking to raise $30,000 USD in the next month, and is currently sitting on $6,852 USD. The team have already developed Blackout as far as possible without additional funding, and now requires help from the Kickstarter community to enable the project to expand the team and cast.

Specular are planning to support smartdevices using headsets like Google Cardboard, as well as bringing Blackout to the Oculus Rift and Htc Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs).

VRFocus will be following the progress of Blackout’s Kickstarter campaign, reporting back with any new updates.

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