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VRX 2015: ‘Building Integrity In Virtual Worlds’ Liveblog

Our next liveblog on Day One of VRX 2015 in San Fransciso is hosted by Cevat Yerli the CEO and President of Crytek. Crytek as you will know if you’ve been following VRFocus has been one of the biggest studios to solidly get behind virtual reality (VR) in gaming both in creating their own VR experiences and through work with CryEngine.

“With a rich history of tech innovation, Crytek is approaching VR in a unique position as both game developer and engine software provider. Company CEO, Cevat Yerli, will discuss the importance of visual integrity in VR, and look at how creating believable worlds can offer devs greater opportunities for creative storytelling.”

You can follow the liveblog below:

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