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VRX 2015: ‘Travelling without moving: Controlling movement in VR’ Liveblog

Locomotion is still one of the most discussed areas of virtual reality (VR) development. Today, The Assembly developer nDreams is offering its thoughts on movement in VR with a session at the VR Intelligence Conference and Expo (VRX). VRFocus is liveblogging the talk below.

“Patrick O’Luanaigh and the team at nDreams, the UK’s largest developer solely focused on VR games & experiences, have taken upon one of the biggest VR game design challenges – enabling players to explore 3D virtual environments in first-person both freely and comfortably,” the event’s description reads. “In this talk, Patrick will share insight on the different methods tested by nDreams, the mistakes made and the final movement systems implemented for their immersive first-person VR adventure game, The Assembly.”

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