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VRX 2015: ‘VR and AR Consumer Growth’ Liveblog

A new virtual reality (VR) event is getting underway in San Francisco, California today. The VR Intelligence (VRX 2015) show is kicking off 2 days of talks, workshops and much more with an impressive list of speakers. Getting things underway is Michael Pachter, Research Analyst at Wedbush Securities who is caling ‘VR and AR Consumer Growth’. VRFocus is liveblogging the talk below.

“There has been huge hype and huge investment in VR over the past 2 years, but has it been warranted?” the event’s official description reads. “What will the market look like in 2016 and 2017? Will it consolidate? Will big players see a ROI? Is there space for this many big players? Michael Pachter will explore the VR and AR ecosystem and analyse where the medium terms wins might be.”

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  1. I am ready for VR events to start streaming to a Cardboard app so that anyone can attend remotely. It does not have to be perfect, just good enough to hear, see reasonably well and be affordable. However, this raises the question about what needs to be VR-enabled? Only things that benefit from an immersive experience vs just plain watching something that only occurs in one direction from you?

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