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White Day PlayStation VR Gameplay Details Revealed

Following the announcement of a new PlayStation VR exclusive title earlier today, further information has been revealed about the remake of Roi Games’ White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, simply entitled White Day. The videogame is a survival horror experience, but won’t have the player attacking demons and other supernatural beings within the school in which it is set.

White Day depicts a group of students trapped within a school on a special date in which the supernatural has taken control of the building. While trying to uncover the reason behind this, and a way to escape the premises, the player will be unequipped to enter combat with the evil beings. White Day features no weaponry, so instead the player must use cunning to outwit the supernatural foes.

White Day screenshot

The gameplay of White Day is designed around stealth. Running from enemies and finding places to hide will formulate the core of the horror experience. Additionally, solving puzzles within the environment can lead to the demise of key demons, of which at present only the ‘water demon’ has been revealed.

Few further details are currently available concerning Roi Games’ White Day, though VRFocus will endeavour to discover more about the videogame and report back with any findings.

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