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Crescent Bay

Oculus Connect 2 Sessions: ‘Post-Mortem: Building the First Crescent Bay Experiences’

With the Oculus Rift Consumer Version (aka the Oculus Rift CV1) head mounted display (HMD) on the horizon it seems quite a long time since we were first introduced to Oculus’s Crescent Bay prototype back in September 2014. At the time a number of experiences were produced to allow users to understand just what the technology could do.

As we continue going through the session footage from Oculus Connect 2, this talk hosted by Oculus staff Kenneth Scott (Art Director) and Per Vognsen (Lead Software Engineer) looks at those demos, what the aim was in their production and just how successful the creators believed them to be.

‘The Crescent Bay demos from Oculus Connect 2014 were designed to demonstrate the magic of presence and show people the power of virtual reality. The result was a series of 10 experiences with unique perceptual, visual and auditory goals. We’re taking you behind the scenes of the Crescent Bay demos, where you’ll learn how we breathed life into an alien creature that reacts to your presence, how we conveyed scale and distance to create a sense of vertigo, and how we optimized VR content for Unreal Engine 4.’

VRFocus will continue to bring you virtual reality (VR) related news, features and videos throughout the week. If you’re interested in seeing 2014’s original Oculus Connect you can watch all the videos on the VRFocus YouTube channel.

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