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Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality screenshot

Bossa Talks Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality, VR Controls and More

Bossa Studios has been a big help to both the UK and international virtual reality (VR) communities for the past few years. On its home turf, the company has hosted VR meetups in its London office, gathering developers and enthusiasts under one roof to showcase the latest tech updates and experiences. It also helped to introduce the world to the HTC Vive and its SteamVR user-tracking with a new demo for Surgeon Simulator, its iconic franchise in which players essentially decimate a human being by operating on him. Now, Bossa Studios is working on the full VR release: Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality.

VRFocus recently sat down with studio CTO Sylvain Cornillon to talk about the upcoming release, which will also be arrived on the Oculus Rift HMD with support for the Oculus Touch controllers. Here, Cornillon talks about what to expect in the new release, and why it’s being launched as a separate product whereas past updates have arrived on the already available version. There’s also talk on if the title could come to PlayStation 4 and other HMDs in the future.

Check back with VRFocus for the latest on Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality.

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