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From 2016 Oculus Store Will Only Accept Mobile SDK 1.0 Applications

Back in November Oculus VR launched the full version of its mobile software development kit (SDK) 1.0, for developers working on virtual reality (VR) titles for the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD). The Mobile SDK 1.0 featured critical improvements over the previous versions and due to those updates, Oculus VR has now announced that from 1st, January 2016, the Oculus Store will only accept applications using this SDK or higher.

The Mobile SDK 1.0 improvements meant it separated most of the core VR functionality from the client application. Meaning Oculus VR can deliver system-wide updates and features without requiring developers to update their app. The benefit to applications built against 1.0 being they’re more future-proof than those built against earlier versions.

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Also recommend by Oculus VR to developers who have begun shipping on the Oculus Store, is to submit updates bringing their applications up to 1.0 when they can. The older SDK versions should continue to work for the time being, but they will be unsupported in future Android updates. This can lead to applications that may break in the future, require an application to be removed until an update is provided.

Further information can be found on Oculus VR’s forums and the full Mobile SDK 1.0 changelog here. VRFocus will continue to follow the latest announcements from Oculus VR on its SDK updates as the industry heads into the new year.

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