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G2A Land Virtual Amusement Park

G2A.com to Launch G2A Land as Free Download in 2016

G2A.Com a global digital marketplace has been investing over the last two years in research and development to establish new cutting edge technologies. One of these is a virtual reality (VR) project called G2A Land. The G2A.Com team consisting of VR, artists and inventors has announced that G2A Land will launch as a free download in 2016 for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

G2A Land is a virtual amusement park that will feature, a shooting range, virtual cinema, rollercoaster, a space horror ride, an underwater adventure and much more.

G2A Land event 2

Several rides like the shooting range are already finished, while attractions like the space horror ride where players will have to try and rescue an abandoned space station taken over by an unpredictable madman whilst avoiding traps is currently in development.

Marcin Kryszpin, Head of Oculus Team at G2A.COM said in a statement: “VR adds a new dimension to the gaming world that we know. We’ll be able to experience some titles in a deeper way and it definitely allows developers to use new tools to absorb gamers in the game world.”

With G2A Land due to be ready for Oculus Rift’s consumer launch in Q1 2016, VR fans should be able to get their hands on the title soon. VRFocus will continue to being you all the latest news from G2A.com on the progress of the VR project.

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