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Gear VR Available in Samsung’s UK Store

Samsung’s consumer Gear VR mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) launched last month in the US on Friday 20th. While consumers have lapped up the headset with retailers like Best Buy selling out online very quickly, the rest of the world has had to slowly wait for the international rollout. A few European countries and several others have already started their pre-order campaigns, but the had missed out. Yesterday VRFocus reported on Amazon opening pre-orders and now it seems so has Samsung’s Store.

The listing on the website refers to the HMD as ‘Samsung Gear VR Lite’ and states that’s it’s in stock. Apart from several images and a price the listing is glaringly absent of any further information, with the site saying no specification details are currently available. What’s important to note though is the price. Amazon listed the Gear VR at £95.99 well above the price originally released by Samsung UK of £79.99 GBP. While Samsung’s site does list the price at £80 GBP, which seems to confirm that original price.

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This consumer version of the HMD will work with Samsung’s top of the range smartphones for 2015 including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge plus. Samsung has yet to announce if the Gear VR will also work with the any phones planned for release during 2016. Since the device launched developers have released a number of titles, including Into the Dead from PicPok and FindingVR from The Vison Raiders and Gunjack from EVE Online developer CCP Games.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news for Gear VR closely, reporting back with any new announcements.

  1. I preordered the gear vr on amazon. It said 79.99 + 16 for VAT. Was the price set by Samsung for before tax?

  2. why lite ? what`s the diference? is this the same ? how`s the delivery ? on samsung page says one day delivery , is it truth?

  3. I canceled my order with Amazon. Went on the Samsung site and ordered this morning. I received a text earlier saying it would arrive tomorrow 😀 sooooo fricken excited! So £80 with no postage fee and next day delivery. Samsung you rock my world. Vrfocus you also rock my world for being the first people to announce it finally being sold somewhere.

  4. Link shows out of stock already. Ordered mine thru samsungs regular site on the 22nd. It listed 7-10 days till it would ship. No luck so far. How could samsung goof up so bad? X-mas, $300 discounts on their flagship phones where I am at? I have the note 4 with the gear vr, went and bought a note 5 just for the new gear vr and here I sit 2 weeks later, note 5 in a box, no gearvr, and no response from samsung customer service. Now they say it wont ship till after the new year. I would bet this snafu will do more damage to gear vr than they realize. They had such a wonderful opportunity to get one of these into just about everyones hands for x-mas.

    Something on the positive side: If your into programming and like vr, give Unity3d a try. Ive been having a blast creating small worlds to walk thru on my note 4.

  5. I ordered yesterday on samsung`s page , and they was susposed to delivery next day ….and is still in progress!!

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