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HELM Systems Release The SoulKeeper VR Demo

Florida-based indie developer HELM Systems has given virtual reality (VR) fans a treat for Christmas by announcing the tech demo launch for its title The SoulKeeper. Earlier this month the studio teased the release by revealing a trailer for the Oculus Rift DK2 compatible head-mounted display (HMD) videogame.

Making the announcement on its Twitter account, the demo is freely available to download via the tweet and is a 2GB file. The demo is split into two stages the first allows players to view the earlier trailer (seen below) in VR, which shows a Norse or Viking styled character inside a dimly lit room. A large pair of doors at the other end swing open with a giant fireball billowing out, and as it settles a dragon like demon emerges. The character who has been standing behind a pillar then runs out to slay the beast but is thwarted at the last moment.

The second part of the demo then gives players control of the camera, giving free access to explore the map using W/A/S/D for movement, Q/E for altitude and the mouse for directional control. This allows complete freedom to look at the Unreal Engine 4 environment in VR, seeing the detailed used of textures and lighting HELM Systems are using for the title.

No further details have been announced in terms of how far along development is, or a release date, but VRFocus will continue to follow any further announcements from the developer.

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