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HTC Vive

HTC Reveals What The HTC Vive Will Come With

The HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is an impressive piece of kit on its own, but it requires several other components to allow for the Room Scale user tracking that truly separates the platform from rivals like the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. With no final release date or price announced, it hasn’t been exactly clear which of these components will be included with the upcoming consumer version of the device. This week, however, HTC itself has clarified exactly what fans can expect to find in the box.


HTC Graham Breen revealed as much to RTÉ in a recent interview. “So what you’re going to get? You’re going to get five items,” he explained when asked what customers will find when they pick up a unit. “You’ll get two base stations, you’re going to get two hand controllers and then one headset as well. You need a PC to run that. So for us to achieve sort of the great experience, the framerate where everything moves at exactly the same time as your head does, that takes a bit of processing from the PC.” Those base stations will help track users as well as the movements of the mentioned controllers.

The HTC Vive is the result of a partnership between HTC and Valve. The latter brings its SteamVR system to the kit, making it the first to support that Room Scale user tracking, in which players can walk around an area of up to 15-feet by 15-feet and have those movements replicated within the given experience. This also allows for positional-tracking for the two SteamVR controllers which are used to give players hand presence within a VR experience. The entire set is said to be getting a limited launch in 2015 with a full rollout early next year.

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  1. I wonder if there’s any benefit to using four base stations. I think I had read somewhere about that (probably Reddit).

    I’d be very surprised if the limited launch in 2015 actually happened.

  2. Two controllers, two base stations, and one HMD. If someone is browsing this site, there is a 99% chance that they already know this. Stop with the damn clickbait already. People are rapidly losing respect for this site. If there’s no news today, you’re not obligated to post something.

    1. Sorry you are disappointed we chose to cover this but we consider an HTC representative confirming details that had not yet been confirmed for the retail Vive news. That is not clickbait.

      You say there is a “99% chance that they already know this”. No. There might be people that assume it would have included that but that is not knowing. Even then by your own definition not everyone would assume that. Assumptions aren’t facts and that doesn’t mean when facts confirm assumptions they should not be reported.

      1. I found the article extremely informative and to the point, thank you. In a weird way goatmeal’s comment actually made me realize how little VRFocus articles resort to clickbait tactics compared to most websites and i dont think he understands what a clickbait article is. Keep up the good work vrfocus

  3. I am very interested in the upcoming VR sets but haven’t been following them very closely, so I certainly didn’t know this. I’m glad to get as much information as possible to help me decide which set to go with.

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