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HTC Vive’s Modbox Gets first Trailer

Virtual reality (VR) empowers players in many different ways. While some developers look to enhance action or horror, others are making VR experiences to help players create. ModBox from Alientrap belongs in the latter category. Using the HTC Vive and its position tracking features – provided by Valve’s Steam VR system – this unique experience gives players a virtual sandbox to play around with. Today, ModBox has received its first trailer, which can now be seen below.

Set to release in 2016, ModBox aims to give players their very own Holodeck-type experience using SteamVR’s Room Scale user tracking and position tracked controllers. This allows users to wield a number of objects realistically, from weapons such as guns and swords to everyday items like footballs and golf clubs. Players are free to place objects in any environment and stitch them together, creating their own arenas within which they set the rules. It will be possible to share these creations with friends online.

It appears that ModBox will first arrive in pre-release form for Steam’s Early Access system, with a full launch then planned for late 2016. The HTC Vive itself is expected in April 2016.

VRFocus will continue to follow ModBox and its progress, providing the latest coverage on the title.

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