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Land’s End Arrives on Gear VR for Note 4

Some of the Gear VR mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display’s (HMD’s) more ambitious titles are struggling to find their way onto the older version of the device, designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 enlarged handset. Among these titles is Land’s End, the VR debut from Monument Valley creator Ustwo Games. Note 4 owners need no longer worry about when they’ll see the well-received title, however, as it has recently launched on the device.


An update for the title has added support for the older phone, meaning owners can now jump on the store and download it. Back in November Ustwo Games noted that it was finding porting the title to the Note 4 to be a ‘significant challenge’, as achieving a consistent 60fps framerate – something that’s essential to user comfort and immersion within VR – was not proving easy.

Land’s End is a first-person exploration experience set across five levels in which players will travel across vast landscapes in an attempt to awaken an ancient civilisation. The title features light puzzle elements and a hands-free control scheme in which players interact with the environment using only head-tracking technology.

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