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Luckey: Rock Band VR ‘is one of my favourite games in development’

After Oculus VR’s Rock Band VR announcement for Oculus Rift at The Game Awards last week, the internet has been awash with stories on the virtual reality (VR) title. Some of the big issues VR fans have had with it stemmed from the exclusivity part, as Oculus VR helped develop and fund the project in partnership with Harmonix. That aside a lot of the feedback has been good and the Reddit posting by the company has been filled with comments to that effect. Oculus VR’s founder Palmer Luckey also took to commenting on the thread to convey his excitement for the experience.


Responding to users posts Luckey wrote: “There is a reason Rock Band is a billion dollar franchise! It has very wide appeal – being a rock star is one of the few universal fantasies, and virtual reality turns this genre from being a fun karaoke style activity to really delivering on that fantasy. I have never been more than a casual plastic instrument player, but this is one of my favourite games in development for a reason – I always think of it when I say that I can’t talk about some of my favourite games in public interviews.¬†Keep in mind that VR concerts can do things that are a little too crazy for real concerts…”

Alongside the announcement was a light hearted trailer featuring Luckey with members of Harmonix teaming up with power metal band Dragon Force, who’s titles including Through the Fire and Flames, a popular track that first appeared on rival videogame Guitar Hero.

VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest updates for Rock Band VR as details are announced.

  1. Being Oculus exclusive isn’t the only thing that will doom this… if Harmonix can’t finally figure out how to make Rock Band it’s own platform… with a Rock Band Account… allowing DLC to be purchased and played on any console/platform… it’s worthless. Why buy into a whole new totally separate ecosystem?

  2. Man, Harmonix turning their backs on the fanbase that made them is disappointing, but at least PSVR gets Harmonix Music VR. Also, RB4 supposedly isn’t on PC because of music licensing / DRM issues, so WTF?!

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