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Media Molecule Still ‘experimenting’ with Dreams VR Support

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) had a big showing for its PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) today. The company devoted a good chunk of its PlayStation Experience opening keynote conference to the device, revealing several new titles. One experience that wasn’t at the show, however, was Media Molecule’s Dreams. The developer has teased VR support before, but are still yet to show it in full. According to a new update from the team, however, VR support is still being ‘experimented’ on.


The studio’s Anton Mikhailov revealed as much during a panel on PlayStation VR hosted at PlayStation Experience today. “So we’re not showing anything VR yet,” he noted. “We’re experimenting with it but we don’t quite have it ready to show today.” Mikhailov is instead working on the UI for Dreams and its controller support both for Dualshock 4 and PlayStation Move but ‘probably will be helping out with the VR technicalities’ once that his work with those devices wraps up. It certainly seems as if Dreams will be a VR compatible title, then.

Dreams builds on Media Molecules original series, LittleBigPlanet, which focused on user-generated content. Here players are able to create their own levels, known as Dreams, and populating them with creations that they can effectively mould with virtual clay. The experience was revealed at E3 2015 earlier in the year.

VRFocus is at PlayStation Experience 2015 to deliver the latest updates on all VR titles.

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