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Microsoft Launches HoloLens App Competition

If you’ve been impressed with mixed reality (MR) technology like Microsoft’s HoloLens device and thought about the various avenues developers could take, then a new competition launched by the tech giant could possibly see those ideas come to life. Microsoft wants anyone who has thought of viable HoloLens applications to submit their ideas, with the best to then be made.

Between now and the 11th January 2016, you can share your ideas for that killer app for Microsoft HoloLens. On the official ‘Share Your Idea‘ page not only can you submit your own, you can also see what other ideas the community has come up with and vote on your favourites. The development team will review all those submitted and chose the most viable three. Those three will then be put up for a final  public vote on Twitter.

The winning idea will then be created by Microsoft’s experienced HoloLens development team of designers, artists, and developers. The winner will be part of weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, and more, as they see their app come to life.

After the app has been created Microsoft will open source the code enabling the HoloLens community to develop and build from it. This community will be expanding over the next few months when pre-orders are opened in January 2016. The HoloLens head-mounted display (HMD) will be priced at $3000 USD, and studios wishing to purchase the device will be limited to a maximum of two units.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest updates on the competition, as the closing date approaches.

  1. As much as I love the internet for it’s ability to brainstorm by the millions, I feel like they could at least offer some form of reasonable compensation to the winners for creating content for them…
    Family Guy should fire it’s staff writers and just go online and ask ‘Hey, what would be funny?’

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