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New To VR: The Past, Present And Future Await In Space Trip Time

As we approach Christmas we often use the word ‘time’ in association with it. The season is, after all “Christmas time”, with songs referring to it as “the most wonderful time of the year” among others phrases. And for today’s New To VR offering the concept of time is very much front and centre.

Space Trip TimeSpace Trip Time is an Oculus VR Share title by developer Régis Boissenin and published by Kiss the Future, in which you take on an adventure that will take you from a mysterious base full of agents doing who knows what, to outer space and an asteroid field and to the very distant past in which you will come across an island filled with dinosaurs from the time of the Jurassic. Combining three different gameplay mechanics for each section, rollercoaster, treasure hunt-style search and space flight it’s a videogame that gives you plenty to think about and shows a variety of things that can be done in virtual reality (VR) in the one place.

Compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted display (HMD), if you want to try it out you should be aware that whilst the VR Share details box does list the game as requiring an SDK of 0.6+ the Minimum System Requirements lists the required SDK as 0.8. You can find out more information about the requirements on Oculus VR Share.

Space Trip Time

VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another example of something New to VR, join us again then to find out what it is.

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