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Orange County VR Monster Mixer #2 Announced

As 2015 draws to a close the virtual reality (VR) industry and VR fans will rightly be looking towards 2016 with excitement for what’s to come. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for this year to offer. Announced for Monday, 14th December, is the second Monster Mixer, a VR film festival taking place in Santa Ana, California, US.

Organised by Orange County VR (OCVR), the Monster Mixer will feature demos, VR Films and a special guest performance. The meetup group will be showing video demos from their VR Film School that the students created. Winners will be announced as well as the grand prize winner, although the grand prize is being kept under wraps.


Those attending will get the opportunity to try out Old Sparky; a VR immersive electric chair experience that was unveiled at the SoCal VR Meetup several months ago. The Monster Mixer may be the last chance to try it out before it’s dismantled.

The special guests are Galvanized Souls, an award winning Southern California alternative rock band.

The Monster Mixer will be held at 8:00pm PT, at The Copper Door, 225 1/2 N , Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701. Tickets for the event can be pre-ordered from Eventfire for $10 USD. Anyone taking a VR experience along will get in for free.

VRFocus will continue to report on all upcoming VR events as they’re announced.

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