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Oculus Touch

Rubin: Oculus Rift Titles Supporting Both Touch and Xbox One Pad Will be ‘rare’

Earlier this week Crytek announced its first Oculus Rift exclusive videogame in The Climb. The virtual reality (VR) title will be arriving on the head-mounted display (HMD) next year with support for both the standard Xbox One gamepad and Oculus VR’s upcoming position-tracked controllers, Oculus Touch. This looks to be one of the first Oculus Rift experiences to support both forms of input along with VR Sports Challenge from Sanzaru Games. In fact, according to Oculus VR Head of Worldwide Studios Jason Rubin, experiences that use both the gamepad and motion controller will be ‘rare’.

The Climb screenshot

Rubin said as much in an interview with Tested following the reveal of The Climb. “Both controllers is the rare case,” explained. “The Climb is a rare case of a game that plays incredibly well on gamepad and also is an obvious winner on Touch. In general, people are tending to make a decision between the two. Again, I don’t think we really know the final outcome for controllers. What I will say is that the Xbox One controller is kind of the child of the child of the child of the child of the perfect breeding down to perfect controller for the human figure. I mean, you can just grab that controller, and if you’re a gamer, you know exactly where the buttons are–it feels comfortable for long gameplay sessions, and it’s incredibly multi-functional. It’s a fantastic controller. It doesn’t give you hands in space or some of the things Touch does, but it’s an incredibly good controller.”

The Xbox One controller will actually be bundled with the Oculus Rift itself when it launches in Q1 2016, while Oculus Touch will arrive in Q2. The console gamepad’s inclusion with the HMD itself is just one part of a partnership that Oculus VR has with its creator, Microsoft. Windows 10 and Xbox One owners will be able to stream their console videogames into the Oculus Rift in a virtual theatre, with the given title appearing on a giant screen. The Xbox One will not be supporting the Oculus Rift natively, however.

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