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Samsung To Reveal rink Gear VR Motion Controller At CES 2016

It may be the last day of the year but as we wave goodbye to a 2015 where the prospects of virtual reality (VR) slowly started to become actual reality, 2016 – surely the year of VR – is about to kick off with a bang.

CES 2016 is in just round the corner, beginning a week long journey through all manner of high technology revelations as everything from autonomous cars to, of course, VR. We’ve already discussed a number of VR projects that are heading to the showcase, including Pockeyes and Fibrum whilst we also know that Oculus VR will be at the event in force in the run up to the launch of the Oculus Rift CV1.

Now Samsung have confirmed via their Public Relations newswire that it will be bringing three Creative Lab projects to CES 2016 for their debut, one of which will be a hand-motion controller for the Samsung Gear VR called rink.

Information about rink is naturally scarce at present, although Samsung did describe the controller as “an advanced hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices which offers a more intuitive and nuanced way to interact with the virtual world. The ability to intuitively control the game or content just by using their hands provides consumers with a much deeper level of mobile VR immersion.”

Samsung rink

A promotional image shows a user wielding one rink controller, which appears to be a form of palm held bar which wraps around the back of the hand. The image also shows some form of additional sensor device on top of the usual Gear VR head mounted display (HMD). From the description and the design it appears to be the Gear VR’s version of Oculus’s Touch system. Considering the Samsung-Oculus partnership on the Gear VR it may even contain similar technology.

VRFocus will be reporting live from CES 2016 where we will be bringing you news and features over the week. If you would like to find out more about Gear VR controller options, VRFocus recently put out a feature on the subject which you can read here.

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