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Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida Explains Why ‘Bigger’ PSVR Games Weren’t Announced at PSX

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) hosted its second annual PlayStation Experience fan event last weekend to huge success. The company’s opening keynote conference was packed with announcements, including some for the upcoming PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). But while many of the titles on display were promising, some fans were hoping to see some AAA experiences announced for the kit. That didn’t quite happen and, following the show, SCE’s Shuhei Yoshida explained why.

PlayStation VR headset

“That expectation was somewhat wrong, sorry!” Yoshida joked when asked by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller about expectations for a ‘big game’ announcement for PlayStation VR. “So we planned that out like, because there are events all through the year – you know, E3 and Tokyo Game Show and the Paris [Games Week] and PSX – and PSX, I find it– it’s a community event in that it’s a great opportunity to showcase a bit smaller titles. You know, we get to show and talk about like MLB because it’s a US-based show and, you know, all the indie titles we can highlight. So we brought the larger titles to E3, TGS and Paris. And I think we have announced– we’ve never announced this many big titles in one year from my perspective this year. So PSX is more of a Gio [Corsy] and Adam [Boyes] and some of our smaller titles like Fat Princess Adventures.”

Indeed, from indies to even larger companies, the titles announced for PlayStation VR at this year’s show seemed to keep in line with many of the smaller experiences in development right now. That includes everything from Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator to what looks to be a small experience from Ubisoft with Eagle Flight. There were exceptions to this rule, however, with and Ace Combat 7 looking to be a fully-fledged entry in the long-running series.

As for PlayStation VR itself, the kit is due to launch in the first half of 2016. VRFocus will continue to follow the device closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.

  1. Job sim is big.I wish now surgeon.So i agree,tha acept of Psnation is more easy than all public.To compete you go big,to family we show all little and fun but mix with big. I missed surgeon and summer lesson,but i wait for E3,and i loved the event PSX,started big with U4 and FF7

  2. Go ask your eye doc what he/she thinks about strapping an HD screen two inches in front of your face and staring at it for hours.

    CVS here we come!!!! (And there was much rejoicing from the Lasik surgeons of the world.)

    And just think, you too can get PERMANENT VISION LOSS for the LOW LOW price of $500! And the games? Boring as all heck. What a deal! “Because I can’t wait to experience near blindness by the time I turn 40,” said no one ever.

    Talk to your REAL eye doctor, people, and stop listening to the billion dollar talking heads and their paid-off commentators. No, really, go talk to your REAL AND ACTUAL eye doctor who has an ACTUAL responsibility for your eye and vision health. Don’t listen to ANYONE ELSE.

    Worst gaming gimmick of all time since the powerglove and, just think, 100 times more dangerous as well. What a deal!!!

    I will pass — as will anyone else who knows anything about eye health.

    1. GTFO. You clearly know nothing about good games. Ace Combat 7 is the biggest thing going for VR right now. Your ignorance is unbelievable

  3. VR is not a gimmick. It’s a revolution. Enjoy your “pass” while the rest of us experience the limitless possibilities that VR enables.

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