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Sisters key art

Sisters Arrives on Gear VR

Otherworld Interactive’s Sisters has launched on Samsung’s Gear VR, available to download now for all editions of the head-mounted display (HMD). Originally designed for Google Cardboard devices, Sisters arrives on Gear VR arrives on the high-end mobile virtual reality (VR) HMD long after the announcement of a sequel.

Sisters is a horror experience that is designed solely for use with the Gear VR’s head-look functionality. The user must avoid tempting a devilish fate by controlling their gaze: looking in the wrong direction may anger an unknown evil that isn’t too pleased with your presence.

Sisters screenshot

Having now been downloaded over 500,000 times, according to Otherworld Interactive, Sisters comes to Gear VR ahead of its presence at Sundance Film Festival next year, where the second chapter of the horror experience will be revealed. Sisters can be downloaded via the Oculus Home application for Gear VR now and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest from Otherworld Interactive.

  1. I read a lot of blogs for gaming and nearly all that give heads up on new apps or reviews of apps mention the price of the app. Why don’t you guys do this too? Especially when it’s not always an easy chore to have to don the GearVR to see what it costs.

    1. You dont have to download from Oculus store using the headset. I download all my stuff right from my phone. Then when I use my headset I just go to the library and it’s there to enjoy. BTW, Sisters is free to download.

  2. I started my ‘Sisters’ experience last night, (keyword is started lol), I had my husband laughing so hard at my reactions while watching this, I know I screamed and jumped a couple of times. lol It is creepy and I enjoyed what bit I experienced. You don’t know where to look and having two of them to keep track of makes it interesting. Still don’t know what was flying at me, maybe bats? I think when I’m allowing others to try out the headset I’m going to tell them to try this first. I guess I can be as sinister as Sisters. lol

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